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This half-term our unit is all about writing discussions texts. This is very similar to writing a persuasive letter although you have to give a balanced argument for each viewpoint and not try and make up your readers mind. 


Before we start this though, we are writing a recount of our Christmas holidays 5th Jan-7th Jan. Tell me all about your holidays and what you have been up to. 

w/c 10th Jan


Cold write: this is done without any help before hand. 


Are video games making children lazy?

Lesson 2: what is a debate. 


Watch this video and make notes. Can you complete the quiz at the end?

Lesson 3: finding the features. 


Read the text. Either make a note of the features you find or print it out and highlight them. 

Lesson 4: grammar practise. 

This lesson I would like the children to practise how to use a semi-colon. 

Lesson 5: I would like you to begin researching for and against keeping animals in captivity. You can either do this through internet research or following the links below.