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Remember to read every day - ideally for at least 20 minutes a day.  

I would recommend you read Storm Chaser on Oxford Owl. Our story writing this week is about a tsunami. This book is an adventure story about other extreme weather conditions. 

The Year 6 class login details are: 

Username : dseagles

Password: EDMread 



Please choose ONE of the pages for your challenge today.  DO NOT print it off, please copy the sentences out on lined paper instead. 


Remember a relative clause adds extra information to a sentence and begins with a relative pronoun such as who, which where, that etc.




Read the information sheet to find out about tsunamis ( or research on the Internet).

Can you make a fact file, leaflet or poster about tsunamis.

Or you might want to record a short ( less than a minute!) speech to send me or make a powerpoint.

How tsunamis work - Alex Gendler

View full lesson: immense swell of a tsunami can grow up to 100 feet, hitting speeds over 500 mph...