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Today, you will be revisiting complex sentences. These are really useful for making your writing more sophisticated. Remember a complex sentence is made up of 2 clauses : a main clause ( which makes sense on its own) and a subordinate clause ( which begins with a subordinating conjunction and does NOT make sense on its own) .

Watch this short video first.

Read through this Powerpoint.

When you get to the section called 'Practise your skills', please write down the sentences you have created.  Try to also write 3 sentences on the 'Let's Play!' task.

You might want to use this worksheet as you work through the Powerpoint.  You do not need to print it out; you will remember how to write these sentences more if you write them out in your best handwriting.

Main lesson:

Today, you will be generating words associated with eating.  You will be able to use some of this vocabulary in your own writing.


Remember to read every day - ideally for at least 20 minutes a day.  

If you can, please read Exploring the Deep on Oxford Owl. We will be looking at non-chronological texts over the next few weeks, so pay special attention to how the information is set out on the page and the style of language used.


(You'll find it under the 9-11 age range).


The Year 6 class login details are: 

Username : dseagles

Password: EDMread

Alternatively, read your own book for at least 20 minutes. Ideally this should be an information book about something you find interesting.