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Your spellings this week are around the theme of silent letters. This week we are looking at silent h and silent u.  ( The last 4 are the National Curriculum statutory words) .


Begin by practising your spelling words - best joined handwriting please.

Remember to find out the meanings of any words you are unsure of - use a dictionary, or ask your grown-ups.

Spelling Activity:

Watch these short clips and then choose ONE of the tasks to complete.

(You can write these straight onto lined paper if you prefer not to print.)

Main lesson (Reading based)

Choose the most appropriate level reading comprehension to complete.  Remember to write JOINED, NEAT handwriting and to use full sentences when appropriate ( with punctuation).


The information in this is linked to the work you have been completing on Oak Academy.  You will be able to use this when you write your diaries over the next few days.