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Today, you will be writing a book review.

Some of you have just finished reading Double Exposure on Oxford Owl - I really enjoyed reading it - did you?


If you have been reading your own book every day, would you recommend this to a friend?


You can either use one of the sheets to help you, or write a paragraph about your book. 





Using your 6 silent letter spellings, write a sentence for each of them to show you understand what they mean. 


Remember to use:

interesting sentence openers eg adverbials

accurate punctuation

neat, JOINED handwriting.

Main lesson:

Today you will be generating words associated with feeling stressed or scared.  Please make sure you complete the online tasks as you go along and keep them safe, as you may want to use them in your own diaries.  

Optional extra activity:

When you have finished watching the video and making notes, choose another 'feeling' word eg excited, relieved and find as many synonyms as you can.  You can use a thesaurus to help you.