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Spend time today reading the next chapter ( Chapter 8) of Double Exposure. 


Alternatively spend 20 minutes reading your own book. 


As you read, write down 3 nouns, 3 adjectives, 3 adverbs and 3 verbs.

The Year 6 class login details are: 

Username : dseagles

Password: EDMread


Begin practising your spellings by spelling them out loud forwards, closing your eyes and spelling them out loud backwards like we have done in class.  This really helps you visualise the individual letters in each word.

Main lesson:

Today we will be beginning a lesson on diary writing.  In today's lesson we will look at the historical context of the diaries you will be writing. (Windrush diaries)

You might remember that we touched upon this in our 'Protests' topic.

Remember to make notes as you go along and to draw your time line neatly.