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Please answer these VIPER questions about Chapters 3 and 4 of Double Exposure.


If you have been reading your own book instead, please write me a summary paragraph of what you've been reading.


What does 'enticing' mean? (P21)

 Why do you think Sophia's eyes brightened on P 22?

P  Predict what will happen between Sophia and Martin, especially after reading chapter 4.

E  Explain what Sophia means by 'You think life's all pretty birds and flowers!' on P27.

R  In Chapter 4, what were Alisha, Daisy and Maryam doing?


Remember to write in full sentences and use punctuation in your answers. 

Main lesson / SPAG

In today's lesson, you will be working on causal conjunctions which are important when writing your letters.  Make a note of some of them as you will need them for your writing.

You might want to print this out to remind you of some of the conjunctions.