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Remember to read every day - ideally for at least 20 minutes a day.  

If you can, please read or listen to Double Exposure on Oxford Owl. (You'll find it under the 9-11 age range).

Read Chapter 2 today - and I will be asking you some comprehension questions tomorrow.


The Year 6 class login details are: 

Username : dseagles

Password: EDMread


Using your spelling list from Monday, practise spelling these words out loud.  You might want to spell them forwards, then close your eyes and try spelling them backwards. 


Main lesson:

Watch the Powerpoint below and then complete the reading comprehension beneath it.  Remember:


1) Only do ONE comprehension


2) No need to print it, but if you would like to, then only print the one you need.


3) 1 star is the easiest challenge; 3 star is the trickiest challenge.  Choose which is best for you.

When looking at the Powerpoint, please run it as a slideshow.  Thanks.

MP4 version

Still image for this video
It might be easier to run the powerpoint as an MP4 instead!