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During March we will be learning about explanation texts and the following resources and links will support those children who may be isolating. If you have questions or queries please email through the class email address.


1) Identifying the features of an explanation - can you make a list/tool-kit of what are the essentials of an explanation

To identify the features of an explanation text (


2) Using formal conjunctions within explanations

To practise using formal conjunctions (


3) Recognising and using different sentence - complex, compound and simple

Understanding simple, compound and complex sentences - BBC Bitesize


4) Goodnight Mister Tom - Chapter 3 and 4: Identifying any unfamiliar words and finding definitions of these and then opportunities to write how William felt at different times.

Microsoft Word - Good Night.doc (


5) Spellings - understanding spelling patterns and rules.

Understanding spelling rules and patterns - English - Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize