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Eagles class (year 6)
Autumn term.
For the first half of the Autumn term our topics are Harry Potter and forces in action. Our literacy includes reading and writing short stories with flashbacks, a device that J.K. Rowling uses to great effect. We design and make Harry Potter style cookies, sell them, and use any profit that we make to purchase items for our classroom. We locate the dragons from Harry Potter on a world map and then use the text descriptions to produce our own 2 and 3D dragons. We produce power points based on the Harry Potter characters and learn how to hyperlink. In P.E Eagles class swim every week and also play invasion games such as tag rugby, football and netball. In R.E we look at how Muslims express their beliefs. Throughout the Autumn term we learn to play the recorder! We follow the national strategy for mathematics throughout the year.
The second half term we study Victorians in detail including a class trip to a ‘hands on’ museum. We look at fiction genres in more detail and also metaphors, similes and personification in poetry. In science we look at dissolving, reversible and irreversible changes and fair testing. We look at spreadsheets in more detail and produce various graphs and charts. Eagles class continue swimming every week and also focus on dance. In R.E we look at where the Christian bible came from.
Spring term.
In the first half of the Spring term we investigate mountains and study a locality for a day as a whole school theme. Past places have included Africa, Spain and this year we will study Australia and Australian art. Our science topic is ‘how we see things’ and scientific enquiry skills. In literacy we study journalistic writing and also focus on a specific author in our ‘authors and texts’ unit. We look at control in ICT and gymnastics in P.E.
The second half of the Spring term is where we begin our more focussed SATs revision but we still study a variety of topics. In science ‘Alive and kicking’ is our topic which includes interdependence and adaptation plus microorganisms. We also study inventors and use this theme to design our own inventions for the future. We look at biographies and autobiographies (including inventors). In P.E we focus again on games, study people in action in art and ‘worship and community’ in R.E.
Summer term.
In the first half of the term, our main topics are Ancient Egypt and rivers.
We prepare for the forthcoming SATs by revising reading, writing, non fiction and a variety of mathematical concepts. We continue our science investigations by looking at changing electrical circuits. We learn about databases in ICT, athletics and swimming in P.E and Egyptian art.
The second half of this term is shorter than the rest of the school as the children move up to the High School two weeks before the end of term. However, we still have plenty of time to look at extending narrative and poetry, look at how people express their beliefs through the arts, striking and fielding games, and designing and making costumes and props for our end of year leavers assembly.
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