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Gressenhall 26.04.22. We had a wonderful day, learning about Victorians .

We have produced the salt crystals .The experiment worked .

16.03.22 Our focus today was trying to grow salt crystals as part of Science week . Will we succeed ?

Science week .year 6 . Performing a small sketch for the whole school in assembly . 14.03.22

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World book day 03.03 22.

Dancing 2nd March 2022.Judaism day.

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Judaism day. Today the whole school have had a wonderful time dancing, making Challah bread and much more .2nd March 2022.


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Freeze frame from text street child.

Science.24.02.22.Today we have been making circuits and checking the components for a complete circuit.

22.02.22 Twos day Tuesday. Raising funds for our wonderful P T A.

We thoroughly enjoyed number day in Year 6.

Excellent entrepreneurship creating our own futuristic inventions. "Chille" our winning design.

Topic . 27.01.22 . We are currently learning all about pollution and how it affects our precious planet. Today we also learnt how to make our own paper bags.

Science. Our focus today was to investigate how adaptions can be beneficial to animals.We used a variety of objects to do this.

I CT .Busy programming our databaseโ€™s. 12.01.22.

Art we have been busy sketching to develop ideas and techniques for art using stylised graffiti lettering. 11.01.22.

R E. Different me box. 07.01.22.

Literacy writing a recount all about our Christmas.

Happy New Year to you all.We hope you all had a great holiday.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

Something strange in Year 6

Our inspiring "Wow day!" teaching us more about Africa culture and why people so passionately protest for Black cultural heritage! 

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We learnt about being helpful and showing responsibility by teaching the Robins to play different playground games!

Japan day

What wonderful warm-writes we have completed of our Momotaro myths! Now onto our hot write next week.

Finally, our letters in the post to our pen pals!

Our fantastic writing this week (15.9.21):