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 As the end of term approaches, this will be the final full week of work set for Year 6. May I wish everyone a lovely summer break and good luck in your new high school in September.

Mrs Sheppard.

Looking after the well-being of Year 6 pupils.


We realise that Year 6  can be a difficult  time for some young people and would like to share this link to a website designed for young  people to help overcome anxieties


Worry Tree and Unhelpful thoughts are two videos that can help young people to process their anxieties and  put them into proportion. It can be useful to point out that many of us are struggling with anxiety  because of the unusual situation of being at home and not being part of the usual routine that is school, seeing friends and seeing family who do not live with us.

For English this week, we are going to read 3 episodes of a story called "The Beast Within". I will attach the document to Monday's page and  copy it on to tomorrow and Wednesday's but I suggest you only print it once as it is 12 pages ( with answers at the end). For Thursday and Friday, I would like you to try to continue writing the story using the characters and the plot that is already there.  Before you finish on Friday, you need to check for punctuation and spellings errors and make sure you have used paragraphs appropriately. 


For Maths this week, I am attaching a KS2 Maths Games to try at home pack- enough for you to choose one per day with answers at the end of the document. The document is attached on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday has the usual word problem activity. Continue with Maths Games on Thursday and Friday. Have a good week!

 Friday 8th May is a bank holiday which was organised to celebrate 75 years since Germany made peace with Europe- VE day. Next week, would have been an important one for Year 6 too- KS2 tests which the situation has made impossible as taking these tests safely at school was not an option. I really hope you are all getting on as well as can be expected- home schooling is not straightforward for you, the pupils, your parents or even for me, your teacher, as I miss our daily interactions. Let us hope that there is something golden at the end of the rainbow and we can do our best to keep positive, just as the older generation (one of them being Capt. now Colonel Tom Moore) has done.

 I know that some of the Maths activities are hard for those who need help from the teacher. Therefore, an alternative to the more challenging tests, an online resource revising fractions is a suitable alternative for Maths. You will find it here:

Try a different one every  day e.g Tuesday- representing fractions   Wednesday- understanding equivalence, Thursday- Finding Equivalent fractions and Friday- Compare fractions less than one.

There is more guidance in the form of a video and it is a good way to revise the work we did on fractions last term.

As for keeping fit, I recommend  Joe Wicks website- here is a 30 min session for Wed 15thApril  Tuesday's English activity can be found online at called Tuesday 21st April English to understand verbs and modal verbs. 


Tuesday- continue with Maths and try these English worksheets

 I hope you have found the activities I posted for Week 1 useful. Messages can be passed on to me via the school office email and I am happy to help anyone who has a query about the work set. I am going to post work here for the remainder of the term.

 Easter holidays tomorrow. I hope you and your family have a good break as far as is possible under the current restrictions. I will not be setting any work until 20th April. One parent has told me of her child's success in the 2019 SPAG paper that is set for today. I would be grateful if any other parents wish to let me know how their child has done by marking the paper. I will record these marks as evidence regarding ability in SPAG to support Year 6 teacher judgement.

I am very pleased to hear how you have been doing during the home learning period and would welcome any other accounts through the school office email address. I hope you all stay well and stay home.