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Some ideas for the holidays!

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Concerned about a child in terms of safeguarding? Phone this number.

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Please see the below resources or e mail Miss Strutt who might be be able to help you.

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Resources for talking to children about coronavirus British Psychological Society tips for talking to young people Newsround video clip for children Tips for families Conic book style story about coronavirus Social story Guide for parents and professionals Animation for older children  A comic exploring coronavirus for young people Comprehensive guide for adults to manage a range of situations related to coronavirus Advice for parents of children with SEN  Advice from The Child Mind Institute   ELSA coronavirus story for children  Parent resources from National Association of School Psychologists Easy read information page about coronavirus


Anxiety Resources (generic and targeted) World Health Organisation advice for maintaining good mental health at this time  To support young people in managing virus related anxiety  Advice for managing the volume of anxiety inducing news  Range of resources from American Psychiatric Association Generic tips from Anna Freud Centre  Generic tips to support good mental health website with activities to support children experiencing anxiety. Their YouTube channel has guided videos with relaxation, deep breathing and meditations List of creative ways to practice deep breathing



After Week 7 Home Learning photos are in the class shields.

Week 7 home learning photos

Home learning photos week 6

Home learning photos week 5

Home learning photos week 4

Home learning photos week 3

Home learning week 2

Home learning photos: Week 1



Birds nest Art.


Purely optional if it helps keep them busy!!


Children: Would you like to help Miss Strutt to make a new birds nest display? If so please draw, paint or collage a bird for her nest. Any bird, it could be based on a real bird or a make believe bird. No larger than half a sheet of A4 paper please as Miss Strutt's nest won't fit them all in. Bring it with you when school opens again, thanks. Miss Strutt will be pleased. Here are some pictures to inspire you. Stay Safe!


Mrs Lillycrop.



20.05.20 memory boxes x

Tin can rainbows

Thursday 7th May VE Day celebrations. We have made potato scones, bunting and learnt about life in 1945.

Our lovely chalk wall 😊

We made water bottle wind spirals

Today we picked flowers and using material ,we arranged them on one side then folded the material over, pressed them using a roller to make a pattern .

Recreating the famous masterpieces - these are amazing