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Autumn Term 2021

In Robins, we LOVE to read.

On this page, we will be sharing some great books with you.

Tuesday 21/09/21

In Robins today we read a really funny book called "Dogs Dont Do Ballet."

It made us laugh. Some of us have read it before, but most of us didnt know it.

Wednesday 22/09/21

After "Dogs Dont Do Ballet" yesterday, today we read a book called "Josephine Wants to Dance."

Its about a kangaroo who learns to dance like a Prima Ballerina, and takes the lead in a show after the professional dancers get injured.

It was fun to read.

Thursday 23/09/21

Today for our story, we read "Too Many Legs" by Kes Gray

Its all about counting how many legs there are in the room when a little boy invites lots of his animal friends to a party.

Monday 27/09/21

Our story today was The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We learnt about what he turned into, and why he ate so much food.


Tuesday 28/09/21

Today we enjoyed reading a book called "I'm the Happiest"

It's about a raccoon who celebrates all the positive things about his friends - being the tallest, the bravest, the spottiest...but it is the raccoon who claims to be the happiest.

It is a lovely book to share when talking about things that make us who we are.

Friday 01/10/21

Our story today was called "The Huge Bag of Worries"

Its about a little girl who worries about everything, and the worries get bigger and bigger until she ends up carrying them all around with her in a huge bag.

Its a good story to read with little ones, because it shows them that everybody does worry, but its important to share them to make them easier.

Monday 04/10/21

Our story today was Dear Zoo.

We really enjoyed this story...its so simple and the children learnt the words very easily.

We liked the animals and we found lots of patterns.

Tuesday 05/10/21

Our story today was called "The Missing Penguin"

We enjoyed Dear Zoo so much yesterday that we wanted another story about the zoo.

This story is about a baby penguin who leaves the zoo because he is lonely.

He is a new penguin who isnt enjoying his new home, so he decides to go off with Patch.

Monday 11/10/21

Today we read THE GRUFFALO.

We loved it so much we read it TWICE.

The children thought he was so funny and came up with some great actions to go with the story.

We loved the fact that he was so scared of the mouse at the end when he told the Gruffalo that his favourite food was "Gruffalo Crumble"

Tuesday 12/10/21

Our story today was called "Alfie Gets In First."

It was a story about a little boy and his mum, and his sister Annie Rose, who go shopping.

When they get home, Alfie manages to shut himself in the house on his own, and its a story about how he gets rescued.

There were lots of characters in it and we liked the fact that Alfie rescued himself in the end.

Friday 15/10/21

Today our story was called "How to Hide A Lion"

It was about a little girl called Iris who managed to hide a friendly lion in her bedroom until her mum found him.

It is a lovely story about  not judging people before you know them. We enjoyed it.

Wednesday 03/11/21


 Five Little Pumpkins, is a sweet rhyming book with fun, puffy pumpkins!


We counted each of the pumpkins as we read the story.

Thursday 04/11/21

Winnie the Witch lives in a black house. She has black chairs and black stairs, black floors and black doors. The trouble is that Winnie's cat, Wilbur, is also black. After sitting on him and tripping over him, Winnie decides to turn Wilbur into a green cat. But then he goes out into the long grass! Winnie is going to need a little magic to make sure she can always see Wilbur . . . 

Friday 5th November.

Today we read the story "Funnybones". 

We have been learning about halloween since we celebrated it on Sunday, so this story fitted right in.

We liked the story and the pictures. It wasnt scary at all.

Monday 08/11/21

Marshmallows For Martians

George sets off on another amazing adventure as he flies off on a mission to Mars!

With his star map and bag full of sweets, will any aliens find him? And what will they do with his treats?

Tuesday 09/11/21

One day a boy finds an aeroplane in his cupboard. Up, up and away he flies, past clouds and stars until suddenly, phut, phut phut, the plane runs out of petrol and the boy crash lands on the moon.


Just as he is beginning to get cold and lonely, a Martian appears from the darkness – could this be the start of an unlikely friendship? And will the boy ever manage to get home again?

Wednesday 10/11/21

We loved this story. It made us laugh because the Emperor was so silly and ended up going on his royal procession without any clothes on.

Thursday 11/11/21

Non fiction today.

We read "On The Moon", which was very interesting. It told us all about the things we might see if we went to the moon, but also the things we would need in order to get there.



Friday 12/11/21

Goose has gone on holiday and Duck is looking after her pond. But Duck is a bit TOO enthusiastic... "No splashing! No fishing! No racing!" he quacks. Soon he puts up signs EVERYWHERE! "DIVING IS FORBIDDEN! (by order of Duck-- in charge of the pond)" But then all his friends start leaving...

Monday 15/11/21

One day, Mog gets a present. The present is Bunny, who soon becomes Mog's favorite toy. So when Bunny goes missing, Mog goes missing too!

Tuesday 16/11/21

Slobcat is so lazy that all he ever does is sleep. Or so his owner thinks. In fact on the quiet Slobcat is a real hero: rescuing kittens, frightening off snakes and burglars and ensuring he finds himself a really tasty supper down at the fishmonger's!


If you ever see a box of cornflakes offering a free lion, ignore it!

This is the hair-raising story of two brothers who didn't - and then ended up with a grizzly bear, a cranky old crocodile, and a huge gorilla!

Now if only they could get a free tiger...


Bear was friendly, 

Bear was sweet, 

The nicest bear you'd ever meet! 

With little paws and little feet, 

And a very BIG bear bottom! 

Poor Bear! His bottom is causing chaos... Bump! Crash! Splat! Soon Bear is in great big trouble! Can he ever make it up to his friends? 

Friday 19/11/21

"Quiet!" roars Pa Lion. And all is quiet in the jungle. Not a rumble nor a grumble, not a chitter nor a chatter, not a pitter nor a patter, not a teeny, tiny squeak. Now Pa Lion must make sure it stays this way as baby Leo sleeps.

Monday 22/11/21

The little red hen finds none of the lazy barnyard animals willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to eat the bread she makes from it.

Tuesday 23/11/21

One perfect morning, Molly picks the very apple that Marvin had wanted to eat. Marvin gets so angry that he throws a terrible tantrum and rampages through the countryside. Will anyone be able to calm Marvin down and tease him out of his tantrum before he causes too much chaos?

Wednesday 24/11/21

Ginger is a children's picture book by Charlotte Voake.

In 1997 it won the Nestlé Smarties Book Prize Gold Award.

It is about a pampered house cat who resents the sudden appearance of a kitten in her life.

Thursday 25/11/21

The story of the industrious Little Red Hen is not a new one, but when this particular hen spies a can of tomato sauce in her cupboard and decides to make a pizza, the familiar tale takes on a fresh new twist...

Friday 26/11/21

Sometimes it happens, and one day it happens to Mary--she wakes up feeling contrary. She puts on her hat backwards, her shoes on the wrong feet, and reads a book upside-down. But Mum knows what to do. At bedtime, Mum tucks Mary in with her feet on the pillow, opens the curtains, and asks her daughter if she loves her...

Monday 06/12/21


Our story today was The Elephant and the Bad Baby.


Its about a naughty elephant, and a baby who never says PLEASE...for anything.


The Elephant takes the Bad Baby for a ride and they go 'rumpeta, rumpeta, rumpeta down the road.' They help themselves to ice creams, pies, buns, crisps, biscuits, lollipops and apples, and the shopkeepers follow them down the road shouting and waving. All ends well as the Bad Baby learns to say 'Please' and his mother makes pancakes for everyone.

We have been practicing using our please and thank you words whenever we can, so this book was important.

Tuesday 07/12/21


Our story today was called WHERE IS GREEN SHEEP?


Its about all the sheep that we can find, but we dont know where Green Sheep is...we cant find him anywhere.

Wednesday 08/12/21


Our story was called "Elephant" by Petr Horacek


A young boy spends his day playing games with his imaginary friend, Elephant. Real or not, when Grandma and Grandpa are busy, Elephant proves to be the perfect playmate! 

Thursday 09/12/21


The story today was "Elmer"


We love Elmer, for all kinds of reasons.


Elmer is different. Elmer is patchwork.

The grey elephants all love him, but he soon starts to wonder what it would be like to be just the same as them...

Friday 10/12/21


As it was Christmas Jumper day today, we read a Christmas was very you can imagine.


"Norman, The Slug Who Saved Christmas" was our story...and it was very funny.


When a sack of presents lands - THWACK - right by Norman's stocking he is overcome with excitement. He really must have been a very good slug this year. But after a frenzy of unwrapping he spots a label - and realises that none of the presents were meant for him, but had in fact fallen off Father Christmas's sleigh.


Norman knows he has to get the presents to the family they're meant for - but how can he manage it on time? Can one little slug save Christmas?

Monday 13/12/21

Todays story was called "Alfie's First Christmas"


Join Alfie and Annie Rose for Christmas! Alfie opens his advent calendar and makes cards and presents. He sings carols and decorates the tree. And he writes a special letter to Father Christmas...

But what will Father Christmas bring on Christmas Day? It's going to be such an exciting day!

Tuesday 14/12/21


Todays story was called "The Christmas Show"


It's Christmas and the children have been practising very hard for their nativity play. The narrators are word-perfect, the Important Angel has brushed her hair and the audience are in their seats. But when the curtain rises, no one's expecting a spare shepherd to steal the show ...

Wednesday 15/12/21


Todays story was called "How to Save a Lion at Christmas."


When Iris and her lion are forced to spend Christmas apart, the lion embarks on a festive, snowy adventure to find her - and almost bumps into Father Christmas! 


We read the first story in this series the other day and we really enjoyed it.

Thursday 16/12/21


Todays story is "Our Christmas Play"


A picture book for young children based on a school nativity play. Told by one of the children, it details the event from casting the play, through rehearsals, to the nativity play itself. And the reader can see, through a child's eyes, all the things that can go wrong (and right).

Friday 17/12/21


Our story today is "Jesus' Christmas Party."


A special Christmas story told from the point of view of the grumpy innkeeper.


When a night of angels, shepherds and bright stars keeps him from his sleep, is there anything that will cheer him up?