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I hope you have all had a chance to read our first chapter of Space Explorer. 


Linking to this story: today's learning challenge is to imagine your own space creature. 

Can you write expanded noun phrases to describe it? 


Here is some key vocabulary you might find useful:


ugly-> repulsive, unpleasant, nasty, alarming, unsightly, displeasing, frightful. 

big->colossal, extensive, vast, mammoth, substantial, gigantic. 

slimy-> slippery, reptilian, viscous, clammy, gooey, sludgy.

scary-> hair-raising, appalling, spine-tingling, sinister, horrifying. 


*Remember an expanded noun phrase is

The (adjective), (adjective) noun with ____________


E.g. The repulsive, gooey alien with nine, gigantic, unblinking eyes.